Air conditioning and ventilation

We support property managers and owners in the regular maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning and ventilation systems. By maintaining efficient and unobstructed systems we will ensure high indoor air quality, keep people safe and provide a pleasant working environment.

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What does air conditioning
and ventilation entail?

Property managers and owners are responsible for systematically servicing and cleaning ventilation systems because their efficiency determines indoor air quality. The equipment should meet both technical standards and hygienic standards for indoor air quality and cleanliness.

Failure to perform periodic maintenance can affect indoor air quality or jeopardize the health of property users. Dirty ventilation and air conditioning systems can be a source of indoor proliferation of unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Your benefits

Comfort and safety

thanks to equipment based on environmentally friendly technologies

Long-lasting high quality of

air through the selection of appropriate cleaning, disinfection and maintenance technologies

Savings through optimum

designed installation and devices of high energy-saving class

What makes us stand out?


  • Long-standing experience in designing and installing ventilation and air conditioning systems for facilities of various types and sizes.
  • Authorization of companies that manufacture air conditioning and ventilation equipment.
  • Industry certifications and licenses necessary for installation and maintenance work such as:
    • SEP-certified in the field of SUPERVISION/ OPERATION/ CONTROL & MEASUREMENT,
    • R22 – the so-called green card.
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