Constructing fiber optic networks

We specialize in building passive fiber optic networks in FTTx technology with high throughput. This enables our clients to offer high quality services for remote efficient data transfer.

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What does constructing
fiber optic networks entail?

We carry out comprehensive works related to the design and construction of optical fiber networks in FTTx technology together with subscriber utility connections. We build overhead and underground networks. We implement projects in residential neighborhoods, for owners of commercial office buildings, businesses, or over wide areas, incorporating remote towns and villages into supra-regional transmission networks.

We have implemented numerous projects, taking part in the Polish society digitization program. The infrastructure we built is used by many individual, business and institutional clients, and each of them can enjoy unlimited access to the Internet network with high throughput.

Your benefits

Property owner, enterprise, institution

gain modern building infrastructure, which allows for quick access to information, efficient communication and convenient data transfer in day-to-day business

Telecommunications operator

gains an extensive fiber-optic network, which provides the grounds for the development of its customer base and the delivery of high-quality IT and telecommunications services to end users

Home users

convenient remote working and seamless connectivity for a wide range of online entertainment


gain fast connections, which often determine business development and influence further investment decisions

What makes us stand out?


  • Extensive experience in building a nationwide fiber optic network as the core for plenty of current and future telecommunications services.
  • Implementation of numerous large projects, e.g. for Orange Poland, where we connected about 25,000 households and institutions to broadband Internet in one region alone.
  • Continuous participation in regional development programs to support the digital capacity and quality of life of the community.
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