Energy efficiency

We implement solutions for improved energy efficiency in companies. They allow us to reduce losses in electrical circuits. We monitor all energy parameters of the network and diagnose areas where irregularities may occur. With our help, companies reduce their energy expenses and increase the stability of their processes.

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What is energy efficiency?

What is energy efficiency?

The Power Optimization System (SOEE) is a unique, patent-protected solution that combines a dynamic reactive power compensator with a higher harmonic filtering function. It reduces the costs associated with the operation of any medium and low voltage electrical network.

SOEE allows for significant electricity savings by increasing the efficiency of electrical equipment and eliminating losses in power circuits and networks.

Before presenting a quote, we perform an energy audit at the client’s site. We analyze consumption based on available data and perform measurements of installations using power quality analyzers. The audit results in a recommendation for a solution to optimize energy consumption and indicates guaranteed savings.

SOEE works best in:

  • industrial plants with extensive medium voltage transmission network
  • sewage treatment plants
  • processing and distribution plants equipped with cold stores and freezers
  • heavy industry plants (steel mills, cement plants)

Your benefits

Reduced active electric energy consumption

thanks to continuous monitoring the optimization of electricity parameters

Increased energy efficiency

of operating equipment, improved effectiveness of control and automation systems

Improved condition of power machinery

or infrastructure in an enterprise, which has a direct impact on operating costs (downtime, repairs, shorter machinery life, etc.)

Reduced reactive power

in the system and compensating harmonic distortion

Reduced emission

of CO2

Available certificate

of energy efficiency (white certificates)

What makes us stand out?


  • A unique solution that combines a reactive power compensator with a harmonic distortion filter in a single device.
  • Individual design for each SOEE device (each solution may have higher parameters).
  • An experienced team of power engineers, installers and data transmission specialists.
  • Cooperation with an experienced team of experts in the field of power engineering from Wrocław University of Science and Technology.
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