Modernization and renovation works

In facilities where we provide property technical services, we also carry out fit-outs to make the most of the property’s potential in clients’ businesses. We rearrange the layout of the interior rooms for the needs of new tenants or in connection with a change of premises purpose.

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What are modernization and renovation works?

We carry out modernizations and renovations mainly in logistic parks, but also public properties and industrial facilities.

We comprehensively prepare the premises for the specific activities of tenants or property owners themselves. We always keep in mind that the prepared premises are functional, and optimally arranged and ensure safe and smooth execution of business processes.

We combine our experience in property modernization with technical service competencies. According to the redevelopment plans, we design, install and maintain all kinds of technical and teletechnical installations. We also adapt the facilities to the requirements of fire protection and all rules of occupational health and safety.

What you get

Safe space to run a business

Optimal use of property potential

Property maintenance by expert service teams

What makes us stand out?

  • Commitment to the client – we create safe and usable spaces and ensure the ongoing efficiency of building installations.
  • Many years of experience in the construction industry and technical service in the property market.
  • Experience in building and implementing solutions to support energy efficiency.
  • Comprehensive support in the planning and implementation of construction investments regarding expansion, redevelopment and changes in the use of premises.
  • Experience in integrated property management projects.
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