Own photovoltaic installation is a way to have independence and protection against energy price increases on the market. It’s a simple way to efficiently use solar energy that costs nothing. Solar energy lets us produce electricity for our daily needs in a fully emission-free manner. This is how we can save and better manage our electricity expenses.

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What is photovoltaics?

Our goal on every project is to build an efficiently operating plant that meets our client’s needs and saves them money. That’s why we meticulously analyze all the key factors that affect the way the plant works and the profitability of the investment.

Photovoltaic installations are environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions that can benefit households and enterprises of all sizes. The use of renewable energy sources in our daily lives significantly reduces the carbon footprint that each of us emits into the environment. In addition, we save money so it just pays off.

We offer installation of photovoltaic panels for any client:

  • individual households
  • enterprises
  • farmers
  • investors

We deploy:

  • Micro installations – up to 50 kWp – suitable for homes and small businesses
  • Small installations – 50-500 kWp – best for medium-sized enterprises

Large installations - above 500 kWp – photovoltaic farms for large companies, investors

Your benefits

You use clean energy

without harming the environment


from energy price increases on the market

Improved family/company image

pro-environmental attitudes, solutions, products, communication

Lower bills

for electricity

Stable energy system

greater resistance to power drops and blackouts (especially important for enterprises)

What makes us stand out?


  • A team of professionals with extensive experience in power, electrical and fiber optic infrastructure construction.
  • Assistance with obtaining financing for photovoltaic investments.
  • A wide range of additional solutions to support energy efficiency.
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