Property maintenance

As part of our property maintenance services we design, implement and maintain air conditioning, ventilation, electrical, low current, water and sewage, gas and various types of technical installations. We also adapt facilities to the requirements of fire protection and we service the technical devices and equipment.

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What does property maintenance entail?

Our technical support means peace of mind for property owners and satisfaction for those who use the infrastructure of a building on a daily basis.
While providing property maintenance services we always have in mind the safety of the building and its users. Through constant maintenance of all technical installations and equipment, we comprehensively ensure long-standing availability and functioning of facilities for various purposes.

We adapt to your needs – the support service is carried out according to an individual schedule, adapted to the facility and the client’s activity.

Your benefits

Efficient management of knowledge

about the facility based on process monitoring systems

Guaranteed security

for the people and the facility

Process support

via expert service teams

Additional support

through implementing new technologies (BIM, spatial laser scanning, digital repository of data and documentation)

What makes us stand out?

  • Ability to integrate multiple property maintenance areas into one efficient integrated facility management project.
  • Experience in building and implementing solutions to support energy efficiency.
  • Support in the area of construction investment regarding expansion, remodeling and changes in the use of premises.
  • Full commitment from our technicians in maintaining our clients’ facilities.
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