Technical and communication installations

We design, install, monitor and maintain high-tech surveillance and security systems. We carry out projects of technical and communication networks on all types of properties, including vast areas of enterprises, institutions or critical infrastructure.

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What are technical and
communication installations?

We provide installations that serve the protection of buildings and sites and are based on wired or wireless data transmission as appropriate. As we use increasingly more advanced technologies to build them, the technical and communication networks are becoming increasingly smarter solutions that can manage a specific chain of events and processes. Depending on the needs, we integrate the technical and communication networks within a single IT platform, thus providing users with the most precise information possible. This enables efficient management of facility security from one location.

Your benefits

Greater security

of company assets

Possibility to further expand

your systems thanks to their scalability

Information base for further

projects optimizing and automating internal processes

Precise digital data

from integration of all systems functioning in a facility

Well-fitting solutions

consistent with the nature of the business and possible directions of business development

Possibility to extend security

with cleanliness and catering services

What makes us stand out?

  • A team of security and low current installations professionals.
  • Efficiency and flexibility in combining the competencies of different areas – telecommunications, energy, construction and new technologies.
  • Extensive experience in implementing projects for companies in various industries.
  • Implementation of projects for one of the largest telecommunications operators in the design and construction of a broadband optical fiber network in Poland.
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